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Loyalty points system

Thank you for your buying! Your purchase supports independent artists!

As a registered customer, you automatically earn loyalty points per purchase, which can be used on your next purchase. 


5% discount

After each order, you get 1 point for every 20 HUF, which is worth 1 HUF when redeemed. This means that 5% of your given purchase can be used on your next purchase. 

(I am working on giving the most equal discount possible for both Hungarian and foreigner orders, but this is currently hindered by the two types of currency,)


Spending and collecting loyalty points

Every new purchase you can decide whether you redeem your loyalty points or continue to collect. 

Loyalty points are valid for each product and can be used for each product, but do not apply to shipping rates.


Expired date for loyalty points

Loyalty points can be used for 1 year. This means that you try to use them within 1 year. 


The system indicates the usable discount during the order, but only appears as a usable loyalty point if the order has been received and paid for.

If you want to get discount, register before your first purchase! The discount on your first purchase will take effect on your second purchase.